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Beach Park

Digital Branding, Social Media, B.I., Media Campaign, Integrated Campaign, Responsive Site, Mobile App & System Development

Best water park and largest entertainment reference in Latin America, Beach Park plunged headlong into the digital world.

We do not embrace the client.
We dive with him.

Campaigns / Brand Activation

With strategy and content focused on the user experience, we bring insights that turn ideas into more opportunities for Beach Park. This way, we elaborate strategic plans and create campaigns that went beyond the digital, with innovation and interactivity dividing the same float.

Responsive Site

The new Beach Park website was also developed by us. We focused on improving and optimizing the navigation, making it more intuitive and functional, highlighting videos and attractive images of the complex, creating a differentiated and pleasant experience for the users.

launch project

Mobile App

We've developed an interactive mobile app for IOS and Android, featuring content that makes it easy to travel through Beach Park's destination, including the water park and its resorts. It was designed to be super user's friendly.

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Comemore as Férias

The Web App "Comemore as Férias" gives visitors a taste of what it is like to enjoy this unforgettable moment at Beach Park. Through a personalized video with the choices of each user, we simulate the experience of enjoying vacations in the best water park in Latin America. In addition to interactivity, the application also allows sharing on social networks.

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