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Digital Branding, Social Media, B.I., Media Campaign

With tradition and great flavor, Richester has won the Brazilian's hearts. And we helped to create a digital positioning, relationship and mouthwatering content for one of the leading brands of the largest biscuit and pasta manufacturer in Latin America, M. Dias Branco.

We have won so many fans that
our customers look like rockstars.

Social Media

Every day we talk to teenagers and young people through Richester's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We create relevant content, report on the repercussion of each of them and we are systematically getting closer and closer to the public. The result is that, in a short time, we already have great results for followers engagement.

Media Campaign

Media investments have been instrumental in bringing new fans to the brand. Through these strategies, we managed to increase the number of fans in a month. And those results are just as tasty as Richester's products.


We are always ready to monitor, listen and respond to our brand's fans.